INTECH PK Sp. z o.o.

We are the special purpose vehicle of Cracow University of Technology.

We work in the area of innovative technologies.
We manage the intellectual property rights that have been entrusted to us.
We support social innovations.
We build business-science relationships.

We support scientists and technology creators.

Our team consistently helps the University of Technology scientists who wish to transform their research into market products and services. We encourage innovation creators in implementing their research projects and in finding the reliable partners for joint business initiatives.

We support entrepreneurships and investors.

We are strongly engaged in developing the level of entrepreneurship and increasing the competitiveness factor in Polish companies. We advise entrepreneurships how to reach access to the key technologies. We cooperate with investors who wish to develop companies and enjoy profits generated by innovations.

Our main area is the commercialization of R&D. 

We are especially interested in commercialization in form of establishing and underwriting the share in spin-offs. We are ready to help in licensing or transferring technology rights to industry partners. We cooperate with interdisciplinary research teams as well as we offer access to labs and opportunity to participate in implementory projects that are determined to consume the university’s potential to answer market needs.

Our main areas of interest are:

  • advanced materials
  • construction
  • architecture
  • environment protection
  • energy
  • ICT

Cooperation and networking.

We strongly belive that by cooperating we can achieve more rather than working independently. Therefore we cooperate with companies, capital funds, foundations and clusters as well as with leading institutions engaged in commercialization process on national and international level.
We are focused on creating partnership and long-lasting relationship, both in contacts with university environment and market stakeholders. At Cracow university of Technology we coordinate The Inventions Day, event that is addressed to entrepreneurships and investors and promotes achievements, knowledge and experience of technology creators. We participate in organization of such trade initiatives as Design Thinking Week, The Polish-American Bridge of Innovation, Innovation Ecosystems.

We share our knowledge.

We offer the professional and expert consulting. Our team assists in searching for new solutions: we organize seminars and workshops that are based on our authorial caseLAB program – The Lab of Good Practices.

Our team is made by people with passion for action, expert knowledge and professional experience.

All members of our team unceasingly excel their skills and learn as much as they can. We want to be certain that every challenge will be approached professionally and therefore we are constantly looking for the most optimal solutions that will be tailor-suited for our customers’ needs.

We want to be considered as reliable and trustworthy partner.

Our main advantage is the qualified and responsible team, commitment to development and cooperation, respect for our customers, partners and local society. We regard the values shared by Cracow University of Technology seriously and we never forget about University’s heritage.