Creating partnerships between business, finance, science and technology for initiatives based on R&D implementation.

By intermediate services we wish to strengthen our customers and lead them to successes. Thank to our support offered for particular business processes, they will be able to increase their competitiveness, improve their image and become valuable market partner.
We use our own network of contacts, built on our activities in the environment of investors, scientists and entrepreneurs. We act global as we have business contacts all around the world.

We offer:

  • searching for partners for joint initiatives
  • support for innovators and technology creators in acquiring funds for their projects
  • developing lists of important stakeholders from given area on Polish or foreign markets
  • contact with selected partners
  • setting up individual meetings for presenting the detailed offer and starting cooperation (logistical and organizational support)
  • intermediate in transactions concerning intellectual property management (sale, purchase, license)
  • negotiations of contracts and conditions of trade agreements
  • representation services or acting as assignee
  • promotion of new brands, technologies, products and services
  • organization of exhibitions and trade fair participation
  • organization of business trips