Assist in establishing and running technological companies, especially ones based on solutions developed at university (spin-offs).

We help scientists, entrepreneurs and investors in establishing new companies (partnership or commercial partnership) focused on development and implementation of innovative technologies.
We plan the paths for commercialization of technological solutions from universities (“from lab to market”). We pay great attention to include the proper law and tax regulations in all agreements. When a company is rooted at university, we respect internal rules and procedures for given science unit.

Every case is analyzed in individual way and after that the most optimal operational and financial model is developed.

Our assist includes:

  • developing company model
  • analysis of law and tax regulations concerning company’s objectives
  • intellectual property management
  • support in gaining partners for cooperation (technology creators, industry partners, investors, trade specialists)
  • help in developing necessary documents (incl. company’s agreements)
  • support and management of activities including financial and non-financial contribution
  • help in everyday professional routine.