The establishment of INTECH PK was the answer for the need of improvement of communication between science, represented by technology creators from Cracow University of Technology, and economy, represented by entrepreneurships and investors who were interested in technological cooperation with university.
The organizational concept of INTECH PK comes from 2012 and the novelization of bill The Law of Higher Education from July 27th 2005. Such change in law created opportunity for universities to establish special purpose vehicles as stakeholders that offer commercialization services for science ideas to be introduced to the market as technological companies (spin offs).
In 2013, Rector of the Cracow University of Technology created team that held responsibility for developing the organizational concept of special purpose vehicle. In June 2014, Senate of Cracow University of Technology, basing on the project presented by team, decided to establish INTECH PK. The official agreement was signed on July 25th 2015.
In 2015 INTECH PK became the main shareholder in the first in Cracow University of Technology spin-off, ALSITECH sp. z o.o.
In 2016 INTECH PK became the shareholder of another spin-off, FlexAndRobustSystems sp. z o.o. and South Poland Cleantech Cluster sp. z o.o.
Within framework of SPIN-TECH Program, co-financed by The National Center of Research and Development, INTECH PK coordinates project „ Special purpose vehicle INTECH PK sp. z o.o. – the effective stakeholder managing the commercialization of R&D results carried out at Cracow University of Technology”.